TMB: I Have a Son.


TMB: Nicholas “Nico” Brian Wiese was born on September 22, 2011 at 4:03pm weighing 7.12oz and 19 inches long. He is perfect. I started this blog before I knew I was expecting. I haven’t been faithful to writing. And while I’d like to think that I am able to do so now, I must admit that it has taken me six hours to just type these few sentences. Nevertheless, I will press on and try, try again.

Nico’s birth was not what I expected but I am okay with that. I went to my normal weekly appointment on Wednesday, September 21st at 1:30pm. I did my weekly non stress test and then had an ultrasound performed to check on the amniotic fluid level. There was the problem. My amniotic fluid was dangerously low according to my doc and so off to labor and delivery she sent me. Now, a friend of mine had an almost identical issue two weeks prior to this and was not prepared. I, however, learned from her experience and had a bag packed in my car!

While Nico was ready to enter the world and my amniotic fluid was low, my body was still not ready to delivery. As a result, I was given a medication to “ripen” my cervix. This was started at 4pm and a few short hours later contractions had begun… but no dilation. None. Not even wight hours later at midnight. Pain meds were given so I could get some sleep but by 4am the ripening med came out and petocin was started along with an epidural at 5am. Eleven hours later (24 hours of labor) I was ready. Nico was ready and at 4:03 he entered the world and stole my heart. It literally felt as if my heart was about to burst open because I have never known a love so immeasurably deep and powerful. My faith and understanding of God is much broader now. If what I was experiencing is anything of how God loves us – well, we are so richly and ridiculously blessed. My heart is so full.

I didn’t cry then. I was in awe that this miracle had been placed on my chest and was given to me to name. I was in complete awe. And then I saw my husband’s eyes. He changed in an instant into a man I didn’t know just a day before. He was now a father and he wore the role admirably well. And he continues to do so. I am so proud of Brian and of how humbly and honorably he feels about being Nico’s father. He is so aware of the job God has placed on him. I love my husband more than ever and in ways I didn’t know before Nico came into our lives 3 weeks ago today.

Caring for a newborn is more exhausting than I ever thought. I lack decent sleep, my hormones are wacky and I have had to learn a new language called squeaks and cries. But the smiles (gas or not) and the snuggles (regardless if it feels like my arms are about to fall off) are priceless. If Nico only knew just how much he was loved and the fuss Brian and I, our family and friends have made over him! Well, he will one day. I hope. We sure feel the love and support and are so very humbled by it all.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.


About Steph

Everyday I catch myself falling more in love with God each time my breath is taken away by the recognition of how richly, ridiculously blessed I am. I am the luckiest wife in all the world to be married to mi amor, Brian. The most spoiled daughter and daughter-in-law, the very tolerated sister and sister-in-law by siblings who put up with my nosiness, talkativeness and advice giving, the auntie of (almost) 7 darlings and the friend to so many amazing people that make me laugh and cry, ask me to share with them in the joy of welcoming their children to the world and who throw just about the best parties ever. I am also a mental health therapist and am so honored to hear the stories and struggles of so many amazing people. And, you? You're here for some reason - and I hope you also discover the joy of loving Christ as you read about the thrills and blunders of the life of the Wieses. Well, at least we're having fun!

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