TMB: Get Aways


My family didn’t take many vacations while I was growing up but I do remember a few trips. Going to Spain to see my mom’s family when I was about 4, haning out at Whichta Falls with family and friends, Branson, MO… what I remember most about these trips is the car ride to the locations. I remember the conversations, the horrible jokes that would keep us laughing for hundreds of miles (and many years after) and the people that sat beside me during the fun. I don’t remember the sights or the sounds well but I recall the comfort, fun and talk so very easily.

This moments blessing is my lifetime travel partner, my husband. I can’t think of anyone more worthy to have traveling along beside me. Nothing was more fun than to see Brian catch the travel bug on our honeymoon in Spain – his first european vacation. His face was full of excitement and awe. Little did I know that he would soon surpass me in the number of countries visited due to his job.

This weekend we’re going snowboarding in Colorado. What use to be an annual “Boys Only” trip is not anymore and girls are finally invited. Now, if you know me well, you know I am not a fan of the cold. And, your jaw might just hit the floor if I told you I was taking a mini-vaca to hit the slopes rather that go to somewhere warm. Believe me, I am just as shocked. But, I do love my husband and the kid loves to board… so here I go. I have 1 ski trip under my belt and that was 12ish years ago. Wish me luck!


About Steph

Everyday I catch myself falling more in love with God each time my breath is taken away by the recognition of how richly, ridiculously blessed I am. I am the luckiest wife in all the world to be married to mi amor, Brian. The most spoiled daughter and daughter-in-law, the very tolerated sister and sister-in-law by siblings who put up with my nosiness, talkativeness and advice giving, the auntie of (almost) 7 darlings and the friend to so many amazing people that make me laugh and cry, ask me to share with them in the joy of welcoming their children to the world and who throw just about the best parties ever. I am also a mental health therapist and am so honored to hear the stories and struggles of so many amazing people. And, you? You're here for some reason - and I hope you also discover the joy of loving Christ as you read about the thrills and blunders of the life of the Wieses. Well, at least we're having fun!

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